Let me take care of installing, configuring and developing a WordPress website for you, so that you can focus on the content and aspect of your site.

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (CMS), without the limitations of the free websites services, that offers your the luxury of having a professional website starting from a reduced cost and maintenance.

As simple as installing WordPress in your hosting, choosing a theme, adjusting design and color scheme to match your business, and pumping in your content.

If required, I can take care of the hosting, installation, configuration, Social Media and SEO optimisation, as well as backups, or updating the WordPress software, themes and plugins.

Just focus in the content and I will enlighten it! – Contact me for a detailed budget based in your needs.

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WordPress installation and development

I can take care of installing and configuring WordPress for you, so that you can focus on the content and aspect of your webpage. If you are not experienced, this will save you countless working hours and mistakes.

If necessary, I will help you with the initial configuration, the installation of personalised combination of theme and plugins, and customising the look and feel of your website.


I can adapt or develop a tailored WordPress website or even create a brand new concept with dedicated experts, in order to fulfill your needs: from customising an existing theme, to the complete development of your own theme and CSS styles.

WordPress optimisation

SEO Optimisation

I can optimise your WordPress website for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) purposes, to perform higher in Google Search results.

Furthermore, there are also many technical details required to make the content SEO optimised for Google’s “eyes”, which you cannot configure directly from WordPress interface. I will take care of them for you.

Be sure you control how your website looks like in Google Search results, and that your WordPress webpage is SEO optimised.

Contact me if you are not sure about or you want to improve your ranking in Google Search.

Social Media Optimisation

I can also optimise your WordPress for Social Media. In the default WordPress install, social media share buttons are missing, and you cannot control how your content (which and which format) will be shared in online social networks.

I will make sure you can decide how your website will be precisely shared in Social Media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

WordPress maintenance

In case you already have a WordPress website, and you do need help with its maintenance, you can count on me.

For security reasons, never forget to backup and update your website. It is also important to check from time to time your settings for SEO and Social Media, since they are not valid for ever. I will consider new details and developments in both SEO and Social Media.

If you do not have time or a clear idea of these matters, do not leave your site unprotected or to its fate, and do hire a professional to perform this job for you.

Contact me! – Grab your chance here for a free charge analysis of your website, and get a free report including proposals to empower your current website.

Domains and Hosting maintenance

If you need additional help with your WordPress hosting, other hosting or domains where your WordPress website is installed, I can take care of it. Just contact me.

Domain & hosting

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