Facebook can get for your business much more than just Likes and Fans. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

A meaningful Facebook Marketing strategy can allow you, through advanced Facebook Ads segmentation, to reach the target group of customers that you are exactly looking for.

I am specialized in advanced Facebook Marketing.

Let me understand your business, and I will be able to draw and execute a Facebook Marketing strategy to get the clients you are looking for.

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Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook Kampagnen Werbeagentur Wega SalzburgI am specialized in setting, rolling out, and optimizing advanced Facebook Ads campaigns.

With the basic ‘Self-service’ Facebook Ads, you shall not expect the best out of your money.

You need to go much deeper: define core audiences by hyper-segmentation, creating custom audiences, apply negative segmentation, setting an adequate campaign structure, different Arts and Ads versions…

If you want to attain the BEST results with your Facebook Ads campaigns and investment, you need to play in a professional Facebook Marketing level.

Facebook Custom Audiences

I can build in Facebook your own target groups based on information you own, in order to deliver them Facebook Ads:

  • Facebook Page followers
  • Profesional contacts / clients
  • Web visitors / clients
  • Mobile App users / installations

Facebook Ads mobile with call to actionFor example, Facebook can identify some of your website visitors, and show to them your Facebook Ads related with the content they previously visited in your site.

Moreover, I can create for your similar audiences based on the previous ones, increasing the reach of your Facebook campaigns while maintaining a similar performance.

I can do all this for you and create related Facebook campaigns, so that your potential customers come back to your business website, improving your sales and conversions.

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Facebook Pages

Having a Facebook Page for your Business, posting, and managing it, is a simple thing. But reaching your followers and target group is another matter.

There are many little details in your Facebook Page’s settings that may affect your reach and visibility, which I can check and optimize for you.

Community Management

I can also support your business Facebook page with community management actions, to leverage the awareness (and organic reach) among your followers.

I can help you to set and manage your communication strategy in Facebook, selecting the right format, optimizing the posts with best practices and avoiding common mistakes, scheduling them for a higher reach, working to provide a meaningful and engaging experience among your Fans.

These are just a few examples of what Facebook Marketing can do for your business. Contact me for a more concrete marketing proposal matching your business and possibilities.

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