Do you need to set a completely new website?

Or perhaps you already have, a domain and hosting solution for your Website, and need to perform some task or maintenance?

Maybe you would like to change it to a new domain register or hosting provider, but you need help to deal with this technical details?

Let me be your local partner to support you with these issues. I’m based in Salzburg, Austria, and I work with both local and European clients. If needed, I can recommend you hosting partners physically based in Salzburg, Austria, Germany or Spain.

Domains registration and renewal

Do you need more domains for your Business?

Need to point your domain from one register to a different hosting provider?

I can give you free advice and support you when you need to buy or renew your domain(s).

Hosting maintenance

Do you want to update your website, but you do not know how to manage your hosting?

Do your need one or more business Email addresses?

I am experienced with the following maintenance tools and tasks:

  • Website Backup
  • Testing playground for web development
  • DNS management
  • Email adresses management (accounts, aliases, forwarding, lists…)
  • SQL DataBases maintenance
  • phpmyadmin
  • mysql
  • cPanel
  • FTP / FTPS

Do you need help with it?

I can take care of all the details, just let me know!

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